Need a PRO Headshot, either in color or B&W? 


$125You can choose a white or black background, and the full resolution / fully edited image files of your six favorite shots.

Glenn Wilburn
Glenn Wilburn, Images
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What if your business card could talk, what would it say?


$199This is a complete package; including the creation of your eCard, the code to embed the eCard on your website or facebook page, and a URL to email or text to clients.  There are no other fees, and I will host your eCard for one year.

$99For the deluxe hosting package; including a customized URL, access to the dashboard analytics to track your eCard's usage, and download of your eCard in multiple, device-specific formats.

$49Gets you; your eCard in multiple, device-specific formats, for sharing via smart phone, tablet or TV.  This is for the package customer who doesn't need access to the dashboard.

$49* Each URL.  For businesses with multiple employees, who can use a generic "Company" eCard; I can create a single $199 base eCard, and then customize the URL, email and phone number for each individual user.



*All sales are subject to 8.25% Sales Tax.