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It's been months since I've posted here, but I guess there just wasn't anything new going on.  However, now that my busy season is here (five weddings in six weeks), I've been looking for ways to be more creative.  Something that would reignite my passion for photography... and I've found it.  Video!

Videography is something I've been tampering with, but really as an aside to my photography.  I've included free clips with my photography work, or even a short video, but I wasn't using my cameras to their full cinema capability.  The wedding I captured this weekend was video only, and using some of the technique and gear I've gathered, I did a passable job of creating both a short trailer and a full length video.

Demo Wedding Video But, truth be told, I shot with one camera, when I think I could have improved the outcome had I shot with a stationary camera set up for wide angle shooting, and a handheld camera for closeups.  I've used the dual camera setup before, though I'd forgotten how much better it can be to have multiple angles within the same video segment.  Also, I only used one recording device, which was fine except for a portion of the reception when the Bride told an amazingly sweet story of a previous trip to the venue, where a lapel mike on the Groom would have been awesome.

Bottom line: I'm going out today to randomly shoot street video, just like I've done for years to improve my photo quality, I'm going to "play" with my gear and see what great discoveries I can make for improving my future videos.  Because as an obsessive/compulsive perfectionist... I want my videos to be truly special and emotionally gratifying for my clients.


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