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I haven't posted anything here for a very long time, mostly because I didn't feel I had anything that important to say...  Yes, it's good to have a wide social media presence, but I don't want to bore my few followers with irrelevant comments.

Today I have something to say!  I posted two short new videos to my Glenn Wilburn, Images FaceBook account and asked a couple of my fans (sister and niece) to review them.  I was interested primarily to learn what they thought of the quality, which they complemented, however, they didn't really notice a big difference from my previous short videos and slideshows.

That's when I explained that almost all of my previous work had been created with templates, where I just dropped in the appropriate length video clip or still photo and presto, the template generated all the borders, transitions, etcetera.  Also, prior to this weekend, all my video footage was static, meaning the camera was stationary.  Now though, I have the equipment to create smooth glides and pans in any direction.  This is what truly elevates the short video into the realm of cinematography, in that I created the storyline and captured the appropriate footage, angles, views, etc. to flesh out my "film".

Please take a look for yourself.  This is from the ceremony half of the event:



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