Posh Coworking

July 30, 2014  •  1 Comment

Posh Coworking is Austin's only coworking community exclusively for women.  It is a shared space for meetings and client consultations, primarily for vendors in the wedding industry; florists, caterers, consultants, etc.  The facility is on Lamar, a few blocks south of Central Market, and is exquisitely decorated in a theme consistent with the wedding establishment.

Blossom (the owner) recently allowed me to shoot a photography project on premises, with models, hair / makeup services, gowns, flowers and jewelry provided by vendors who belong to the Posh community.

GW_I 2014-07-25 018GW_I 2014-07-25 018 Basically, I got three hours to shoot what normally occurs in about 30 minutes on a real wedding-day.  This allowed me to be creative, try some new techniques, and provide some great media for the other vendors to use in their promotions.

GW_I 2014-07-25 085GW_I 2014-07-25 085

GW_I 2014-07-25 094GW_I 2014-07-25 094 Someone's being naughty...

GW_I 2014-07-25 097GW_I 2014-07-25 097

GW_I 2014-07-25 075GW_I 2014-07-25 075

GW_I 2014-07-25 098GW_I 2014-07-25 098 Hey there!  Keep your eyes on the jewelry.

GW_I 2014-07-25 103GW_I 2014-07-25 103


Glenn - those are awesome shots - beautiful subjects and great creativity
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