A Personal Paparazzi, With A Side of Austin Trivia

July 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

15-24-2815-24-28 So I thought I had a pretty good business proposal for some of the high-end boutique hotels on South Congress...  Where the desk clerks could refer me to guests for a photo session on the hotel grounds and around some of the local landmarks (on which I can provide some informed commentary).  Something like I did for my friend Vickie a few months ago:


15-14-3915-14-39 Some of the hotels thought this was an excellent idea, especially since I offered them the use of images and video for their own promotions, and a small incentive for the employees.  And then again, some of the hotel managers were downright hostile...  I don't quite understand people some time... you can't walk 50 feet downtown without observing multiple people shooting video or stills with their phones, but you point a real camera at someone, and it's freakout time ;-)  Oh well.

GW_I 07 03 2014 16-32-30GW_I 07 03 2014 16-32-30 GW_I 07 03 2014 16-33-44GW_I 07 03 2014 16-33-44 GW_I 07 03 2014 16-40-51GW_I 07 03 2014 16-40-51

By the way, these last three images were shot from the lobby at the Hotel St. Cecilia.  I didn't dare to shoot on the grounds, because there is a $1,000 shooting fee for professionals.  Kind of surprised to learn that, because I have seen Bridal portraits that were taken there.  Wow, paying a photographer, plus $1,000 to the hotel makes for some expensive portraits!


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