Would you be happier if I quadrupled my price?

May 16, 2014

So I was at Whole Foods, having a veggie wrap and PBR for lunch, when a man who saw my camera on the table, came over and started talking. Asked if I liked my camera, and I told him yes, that I have two GH3's and use them for wedding stills and video. His sarcastic response? "Good luck with that".

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He then proceeded to tell me how he had shot more than 1,350 weddings and charged $6,000 per. He also mentioned how he had a studio on Bee Caves, where he did portraits and charged $125 for an 8x10" print.

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Took a look at his work online when I got home... and I wouldn't give him $600 for a wedding. 
Guess some people think it's worth more just because they paid more?

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