April 02, 2014

2013-04-20 at 18-30-142013-04-20 at 18-30-14

I had been leaning this way for 2014, but after the EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING debacle that was my experience with the SXSW Photography Volunteer Crew, I am no longer shooting events for free.  I'll do them for my own pleasure, but I won't be providing images to sponsors of any kind unless I am financially compensated.  On that note, I am pleased to say I've been invited back to photograph the Horseshoe Bay Resort Hot Air Balloon Festival for a second time.  HSBR isn't going to make me rich ;-) but they give lot's of semi-pro and pro photographers the opportunity to capture amazing portfolio pics at this event each year, as well as paying us a small stipend ($100 for each of four shifts) and giving us full access to free food and drink at the Pilot's Lounge.  Definitely a classy organization.