I'mmmm SUPERFAST :-)

April 13, 2014

A cool byproduct of the new camera  systems I'm using is the absence of any time consuming, detailed photo editing.  By pre visualizing the desired outcome and doing the "preprocessing" in-camera, I've become a better artist, and reduced my computer time dramatically.  Here are some highlights from yesterday's wedding, which I finished shooting at 10:30 PM, and had posted a gallery of by 7:30 AM this morning!


Had to take a Selfie ;-)


I've seen one of these hangers only once before.  They are so cool. 19-10-0904819-10-09048

Somebody has a sweet tooth... 19-21-4305819-21-43058


This shot was MY idea, so I made the videographer stand in the bathtub.  I'm so mean. 19-37-4309219-37-43092


Neat idea.  Never seen it before.


My half panel LED on an 11' light stand, makes for some impressive lighting. 20-53-4420120-53-44201

Goofballs... 21-04-5121521-04-51215 21-06-4621621-06-46216

Hmmm... What could be in her belly?


Afraid I destroyed this cupcake, using it as a prop for the ring photo.  But I ate the evidence.