All Lenses for My New Camera System have Arrived! So Excited.

January 25, 2014

When I bought the new camera system, I looked at all the dozens and dozens of lens choices for the Micro 4/3 cameras.  From past experience (and past expense!) I decided there were only three lenses that are must haves for wedding shoots; a 24-70, 70-200 and 50mm prime.  Of course they all had to be pro grade, fast and sharp.  The one extra lens that I've always desired but never wanted to spend the money on... is a true wide-angle fisheye.  Well, it arrived today.  And from the first trial shot in my bedroom, I'd say it's going to be lots of fun.


And speaking of exciting, these are some shots that I took for a friend of mine and her kids down on 6th. Street recently.  Between her car getting towed, being questioned by the police, and the usual wild antics of the crowd, it was an eventful evening.