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If you've been following my last few posts, you've probably noticed my excitement regarding videography.

Frankly... I've had a lot of fun doing photography, and I've met dozens of great couples that have become close friends, but it is limiting my creativity, I can just do so much more with video clips, editing techniques and the right soundtrack.

Though I know my work is so much better than it once was, it seems I don't get the "WOW" from clients that is one of the main motivators for my being so conscientious and meticulous about my shooting and editing.  However, with video, the skill and expertise that goes into the crafting of a short film is readily observable, even if one doesn't know the specifics of cameras and editing.

So!  Videography here I come.  Hopefully I'll be posting some wonderful new highlight videos here in the next few months.

I hope you have a great 2016, good luck in all your ventures!


I haven't posted anything here for a very long time, mostly because I didn't feel I had anything that important to say...  Yes, it's good to have a wide social media presence, but I don't want to bore my few followers with irrelevant comments.

Today I have something to say!  I posted two short new videos to my Glenn Wilburn, Images FaceBook account and asked a couple of my fans (sister and niece) to review them.  I was interested primarily to learn what they thought of the quality, which they complemented, however, they didn't really notice a big difference from my previous short videos and slideshows.

That's when I explained that almost all of my previous work had been created with templates, where I just dropped in the appropriate length video clip or still photo and presto, the template generated all the borders, transitions, etcetera.  Also, prior to this weekend, all my video footage was static, meaning the camera was stationary.  Now though, I have the equipment to create smooth glides and pans in any direction.  This is what truly elevates the short video into the realm of cinematography, in that I created the storyline and captured the appropriate footage, angles, views, etc. to flesh out my "film".

Please take a look for yourself.  This is from the ceremony half of the event:



It's been months since I've posted here, but I guess there just wasn't anything new going on.  However, now that my busy season is here (five weddings in six weeks), I've been looking for ways to be more creative.  Something that would reignite my passion for photography... and I've found it.  Video!

Videography is something I've been tampering with, but really as an aside to my photography.  I've included free clips with my photography work, or even a short video, but I wasn't using my cameras to their full cinema capability.  The wedding I captured this weekend was video only, and using some of the technique and gear I've gathered, I did a passable job of creating both a short trailer and a full length video.

Demo Wedding Video But, truth be told, I shot with one camera, when I think I could have improved the outcome had I shot with a stationary camera set up for wide angle shooting, and a handheld camera for closeups.  I've used the dual camera setup before, though I'd forgotten how much better it can be to have multiple angles within the same video segment.  Also, I only used one recording device, which was fine except for a portion of the reception when the Bride told an amazingly sweet story of a previous trip to the venue, where a lapel mike on the Groom would have been awesome.

Bottom line: I'm going out today to randomly shoot street video, just like I've done for years to improve my photo quality, I'm going to "play" with my gear and see what great discoveries I can make for improving my future videos.  Because as an obsessive/compulsive perfectionist... I want my videos to be truly special and emotionally gratifying for my clients.


These are the photos I took during my two days at the photographer's roundtable at The Wizards' Academy. Had a total of about 12 hours of instruction from the Wizard (Ron Whittington) and spent the rest of my time taking photos for the 20th. Anniversary commemorative photo book. 
My assignment was to shoot the exterior of The Academy, my bedroom, and some interior shots of the Visitor Center.

  Wilburn2015-04-08_002_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_002_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_004_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_004_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_005_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_005_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_006_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_006_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_007_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_007_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_008_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_008_2015    Wilburn2015-04-08_010_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_010_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_014_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_014_2015   Wilburn2015-04-08_017_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_017_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_018_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_018_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_019_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_019_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_020_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_020_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_024_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_024_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_025_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_025_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_026_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_026_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_027_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_027_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_028_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_028_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_030_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_030_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_033_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_033_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_034_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_034_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_035_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_035_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_036_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_036_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_039_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_039_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_040_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_040_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_041_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_041_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_042_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_042_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_043_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_043_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_044_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_044_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_045_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_045_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_046_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_046_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_049_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_049_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_050_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_050_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_055_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_055_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_056_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_056_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_057_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_057_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_059_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_059_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_060_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_060_2015 Wilburn2015-04-08_061_2015Wilburn2015-04-08_061_2015   Wilburn2015-04-09_064_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_064_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_065_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_065_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_066_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_066_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_068_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_068_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_069_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_069_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_070_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_070_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_071_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_071_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_074_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_074_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_075_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_075_2015   Wilburn2015-04-09_077_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_077_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_078_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_078_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_079_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_079_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_080_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_080_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_081_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_081_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_083_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_083_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_086_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_086_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_087_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_087_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_088_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_088_2015 Wilburn2015-04-09_089_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_089_2015    Wilburn2015-04-09_092_2015Wilburn2015-04-09_092_2015


Time travel to last season...

Seems like I'm not too good at keeping up with this blog space... and I really should pay it more attention, as I shot some really beautiful weddings last year, that I made no mention of.  Such as:

GW_I 2014-08-23 000GW_I 2014-08-23 000 GW_I 2014-08-23 014GW_I 2014-08-23 014 GW_I 2014-08-23 021GW_I 2014-08-23 021 GW_I 2014-08-23 025GW_I 2014-08-23 025 GW_I 2014-08-23 041GW_I 2014-08-23 041 GW_I 2014-08-23 056GW_I 2014-08-23 056 GW_I 2014-08-23 064GW_I 2014-08-23 064 GW_I 2014-09-26 104GW_I 2014-09-26 104 GW_I 2014-09-26 115GW_I 2014-09-26 115 GW_I 2014-09-26 121GW_I 2014-09-26 121 GW_I 2014-09-26 140GW_I 2014-09-26 140 GW_I 2014-09-26 157GW_I 2014-09-26 157 GW_I 2014-10-04 148GW_I 2014-10-04 148 GW_I 2014-10-04 163GW_I 2014-10-04 163 GW_I 2014-10-04 185GW_I 2014-10-04 185 GW_I 2014-10-04 187GW_I 2014-10-04 187 GW_I 2014-10-04 204GW_I 2014-10-04 204 GW_I 2014-10-04 216GW_I 2014-10-04 216 GW_I 2014-10-04 228GW_I 2014-10-04 228 GW_I 2014-10-04 265GW_I 2014-10-04 265